Blue Sapphire Ceylon 3.47 Ct


Embrace the Shimmering Light of Prosperity with Blue Sapphire Ceylon 3.47 carat

🌟Dimensions: 9.19 × 7.17 × 5.09 mm

🌟 Weight in Carat: 3.47 Ct

🌟 Color: Blue

All Sizes, All Shapes, and All Qualities Available.


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Discover the Sparkling Light of Prosperity with a 3.47-carat Blue Sapphire from Ceylon.

Welcome the alluring Blue Sapphire from Ceylon, weighing 3.47 carats, found exclusively at Roop Sangam Gems. This legitimate gemstone emits extraordinary loveliness and an aura of optimism, standing as a true icon of vitality.

5 Benefits of wearing this Natural Blue Sapphire Ceylon 3.47 Ct

Wisdom enhancement

Inner Balance

Energy boost

Creative inspiration

Inner harmony

Blue Sapphire vs. Other Gemstones: Unveiling the Allure of Ceylon Blue Sapphires

Blue sapphires, especially those from Ceylon, have captivated gem enthusiasts for centuries. Their exquisite blue hue, coupled with unique qualities, sets them apart from other popular gemstones.

Let’s explore how Ceylon Blue Sapphires compare with other gemstones while keeping your budget and preferences in mind.

Ceylon Blue Sapphires, like the Blue Sapphire Ceylon 3.47 Ct, are renowned for their enchanting deep blue color. This color is truly unique and hard to find in other gemstones. It exudes a sense of regal charm, making it a favorite among connoisseurs.

When it comes to budget-friendly gemstones, Ceylon Blue Sapphires often outshine their competitors. They offer exceptional value for your money, ensuring that you can acquire a high-quality gem without breaking the bank.

Blue sapphire sale online, especially at shops like Roop Sangam Gems, provides an excellent opportunity to snag a stunning piece within your budget.

Ceylon Blue Sapphires are incredibly durable, scoring just below diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes them perfect for everyday wear, be it in an engagement ring or a necklace. Other gemstones might not be as sturdy, necessitating extra care.

Roop Sangam Gems, the best gemstone shop in Thane, offers a unique feature – free gem recommendations. Their experts can help you find the perfect gemstone based on your preferences and needs, ensuring you make an informed choice.

In conclusion, while other gemstones have their unique allure, Ceylon Blue Sapphires stand out for their exceptional color, affordability, durability, and the expert guidance available at Roop Sangam Gems.

So, why wait? If you’re looking to purchase a stunning Blue Sapphire Ceylon 3.47 Ct or any other gemstone, visit Roop Sangam Gems today.

Visit Roop Sangam Gems now to explore the world of Ceylon Blue Sapphires and other exquisite gemstones. Find your perfect gemstone today and make a purchase that will adorn your life with elegance and charm.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3.47 Carat
Dimensions 9.19 × 7.17 × 5.09 mm

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