Coral Oval 17.35 Ct


Discover the Allure of Coral Gemstones – Your Ultimate Guide to Coral Oval 17.35 Ct

Unveil the captivating world of coral gemstones with our exquisite Coral Oval 17.35 Ct, available exclusively at Roop Sangam Gems, your ultimate destination for the finest gemstones in Mumbai. As the best Cat’s Eye gemstone dealers in the city, we bring you the rarest treasures of nature.

๐ŸŒŸDimensions: 16 ร— 13 ร— 10 mm

๐ŸŒŸ Weight in Carat: 17.35 Ct

๐ŸŒŸ Certificates: G.I.I, I.G.I, and Free Lab Certificate

All Sizes, All Shapes, and All Qualities Available.


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Elegance and sophistication come together in this 17.35 Ct Coral Oval gemstone. Crafted by nature, it boasts stunning dimensions that make it a unique addition to your gemstone collection. This coral gemstone exhibits the timeless beauty of nature, perfect for those seeking a touch of the extraordinary.

Why Choose Coral Gemstones from Roop Sangam Gems?

Roop Sangam Gems stands out as the best gemstone shop in Thane, offering not only exceptional gemstones but also free gem recommendations to guide you toward the perfect choice. Our expertise in the world of gemstones is unmatched, and we take pride in bringing you the best coral gemstone pendant in Mumbai and the surrounding areas.

Types of Coral Gemstones: A Visual Tour

Coral gemstones come in various enchanting types, and at Roop Sangam Gems, we’re delighted to take you on a visual tour of their beauty. From the stunning red coral gemstone to the mesmerizing Coral Oval 17.35 Ct, we have them all.

Unearth the Secrets of Red Coral Gemstone Mumbai

The Red Coral gemstone, found in the depths of the ocean, is renowned for its vibrant hue and powerful metaphysical properties. At Roop Sangam Gems, we offer you the chance to buy the finest coral gemstone in Mumbai, a city known for its discerning taste in gemstones.

Shop with Confidence

When you shop at Roop Sangam Gems, you not only gain access to the most exquisite gemstones but also the expertise of the best Cat’s Eye gemstone dealers in Mumbai. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect gemstone to suit your needs.

Elevate Your Collection with Coral Oval 17.35 Ct

Elevate your gemstone collection with the Coral Oval 17.35 Ct. It’s a testament to nature’s artistry and a reflection of your discerning taste. Whether you’re a collector or someone who appreciates the mystical allure of gemstones, this coral gemstone is a must-have.

Take the First Step: Make Your Purchase Today

Don’t miss the chance to own this extraordinary Coral Oval 17.35 Ct gemstone. Shop now at Roop Sangam Gems, the best gemstone shop in Thane, and receive a free gem recommendation tailored to your preferences. Let the timeless beauty of coral gemstones enhance your life. Shop with us today and experience the magic of coral gemstones.

Make your purchase now and embark on a journey of elegance and mystique with Coral Oval 17.35 Ct. Your gemstone collection deserves nothing less.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 17.35 Carat
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 10 mm

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