Emerald – Sakota 2.28 Ct


Introducing the Emerald – Sakota 2.28 Ct: A Love Story in Every Stone

Are you ready to embark on a journey of love and fidelity? Look no further than the Emerald – Sakota 2.28 Ct, the jewel that captures the essence of timeless affection. At Roop Sangam Gems, we understand that genuine love is as rare and precious as a flawless gemstone. That’s why we offer you the chance to hold your love in your hands with our natural emerald collection.

Emerald – Sakota 2.28 Ct: Unveiling a Precious Gem

🌟Dimensions: 11 Γ—7 Γ— 4 mm

🌟 Weight in Carat: 2.28 Ct

🌟 Certificates: G.I.I, I.G.I, and Free Lab Certificate

All Sizes, All Shapes, and All Qualities Available.


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The Emerald – Sakota 2.28 Ct is a symbol of authenticity, beauty, and everlasting love. It’s the best budget emerald you’ll find, combining affordability with exquisite quality. The enchanting green hue of this gem is a testament to the deep, sincere emotions it represents. When you wear it, you’re not just wearing jewelry; you’re wearing a commitment to love.

Why Choose Roop Sangam Gems for Your Emerald?

Our commitment to providing the best emerald jewelry designs extends to offering free gem recommendations to help you find the perfect match. When you shop with us, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of our gem-loving community.

Emeralds have been cherished for centuries as a symbol of love and fidelity. Their lush green color signifies growth, renewal, and eternal commitment. Whether you’re searching for an emerald ring or other affordable emerald jewelry, Roop Sangam Gems is your best gemstone shop in Thane.

Experience the Love with Emeralds: A Gem of a Lifetime

Emeralds have adorned the crowns of kings and queens, encapsulating their undying love stories. They continue to be a symbol of devotion, making them a timeless choice for engagement rings and anniversary gifts. The Emerald – Sakota 2.28 Ct holds the promise of a love that lasts through the ages.

Make Your Love Story Shine Brighter with Roop Sangam Gems

Ready to declare your love? It’s time to own a piece of this extraordinary legacy. Buy natural emerald online from Roop Sangam Gems and make a purchase that speaks of commitment and unwavering affection.

Embrace the tradition, feel the passion, and hold your love close with the Emerald – Sakota 2.28 Ct. Choose authenticity and cherish your love story for a lifetime. Shop today and experience the magic of emeralds.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.28 Carat
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 mm

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