Pearl Real 4.43 Ct


Introducing the Pearl Real 4.43 Ct – A Natural Beauty from the Best Pearl Dealers in Mumbai!

When it comes to the allure of pearls, there’s no compromise. Roop Sangam Gems, renowned as the best pearl dealers in Mumbai, presents the exquisite Pearl Real 4.43 Ct. If you’re in the market for the finest pearl jewelry, look no further!

🌟Dimensions: 10.18 × 7.93 × 7.42 mm

🌟 Weight in Carat: 4.43 Ct

🌟 Certificates: G.I.I, I.G.I, and Free Lab Certificate

All Sizes, All Shapes, and All Qualities Available.


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Understanding Pearl Luster and Surface Quality

A pearl’s charm lies in its luster and surface quality. The Pearl Real 4.43 Ct, measuring 10.18 × 7.93 × 7.42 mm, exemplifies perfection in every aspect.

Luster That Mesmerizes: Our pearls are handpicked to ensure a captivating, natural luster that reflects light with an enchanting glow. The Pearl Real 4.43 Ct’s radiant sheen will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Surface Quality Beyond Compare: Each pearl in our collection is meticulously examined to guarantee flawless surfaces. You’ll love the smooth texture and unblemished finish of the Pearl Real 4.43 Ct, a testament to our commitment to quality.

At Roop Sangam Gems, we go the extra mile to ensure that you experience the best in pearl jewelry. We understand the significance of this precious gemstone and offer the finest collection in Mumbai. From pearl necklaces to earrings, rings, bracelets, and even engagement rings, we have something for every occasion.

But that’s not all! As the best gemstone shop in Thane, we also provide a FREE gem recommendation to help you discover the perfect gemstone that aligns with your life’s energies and brings positivity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own the Pearl Real 4.43 Ct – the epitome of elegance.

Intrigued? Don’t wait! Buy pearls in Mumbai from Roop Sangam Gems and add a touch of timeless beauty to your life. Shop now to experience the unmatched allure of pearls!

Make your purchase today and embrace the beauty of Pearl Real 4.43 Ct. Elevate your style, express your personality, and indulge in the finest pearls Mumbai has to offer.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 4.43 Carat
Dimensions 10.18 × 7.93 × 7.42 mm



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